7 great tips to sell your house

Most of us are going to sell a house at some point in our lives. Although the reasons to sell the house can be different like upgrading, downsizing, or restructuring your real estate portfolio, the aim will be the same – to sell the property for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

At Home & House, we are going to present 7 doable actions by you, the owner, to facelift the house. The main purpose is to create the best first impression experience for your potential buyers. This will almost guarantee a good selling price in a short time by a willing buyer. A win-win situation for all parties.


Below are 7 great tips that will assist you in marketing your property:

1. Declutter

Decluttering is one of the most efficient ways to make your house look bigger and more spacious. So, the number 1 thing to do is to get rid of all unwanted furniture and items that make your unit look crampy.

Tidy up the closet or cupboard so that no stuff tumbles to the floor every time the closet is opened. This will give an impression that there is not enough storage available. We need to let the potential buyers know that there is plenty of storage space for their things.

Last but not least, keep all loose and dangling items in the storage so that the whole area will look neat and tidy.

2. Depersonalize

The purpose of depersonalizing the house is to make it easier for the potential buyers to visualize themselves staying in the house.

Start packing these nice family photos and your children’s artworks into your packing boxes for your next home. The new owner-to-be can then have a better time imagining having their own family pictures in the house. This creates intimacy between the potential buyers and the unit.

Our aim is to make the property as generic as possible to appeal to the pool of buyers.

3. Brighten up the house

The house is decluttered and cleaned. The next step is to make the house feel warm and inviting. Good lighting is one of the best ways to feel warm and inviting in a house. Changing these burned-out bulbs and old dim light bulbs to brighter light bulbs work wonders for the unit.

Make sure the lighting in the foyer and outside the house’s common area is working perfectly.

4. Painting

A simple fresh coat of paint is a great investment to get your house that new look. The choice of colour will be white for the ceilings as it makes the area look spacious. However, the walls will be better off with warm neutral colour like beige or pale yellow.

Potential buyers will be impressed by the clean wall when they compare it to other units around the vicinity that did not invest in painting.

5. Cosmetic touch up

When potential buyers enter your home, all the goods of the unit will be hidden if there are too many little fixings that need to be repaired. This is often accompanied by high renovation cost assumption due to many little things to repair.

Some examples of these little fixings include broken titles, cracked cardboard doors, and chipped mirrors. A small investment in this cosmetic touch-up can often lead to a faster sale compared to a unit that looks broken with lots of small repairs that need to be done.

6. Create the pleasant scents

One of the easiest ways to let all potential buyers remember your unit after their long viewing days is through scents. Use essential oils that are great to create a different mood. Some examples are citrus can let anyone feel fresh and clean while rosemary is stimulating. My favorite is lavender scents that make you feel relaxing.

Another alternative, you can bake or buy some chocolate cookies and leave them in the living room. Everyone loves the sweet aroma of chocolate cookies. This will increase the positive vibe that the potential buyers feel towards your house.

7. Create Material

After creating the perfect home for viewing, you should also prepare some material regarding the unit for potential buyers. Information like the floor plan, estimate valuation, past transacted prices, and surrounding amenities should be included.

Besides helping you to get a more desirable result, the above 7 great tips, can also assist you to choose the correct real estate agent. These are some pointers that experience and responsible agents will highlight to you and assist you to achieve those 7 fixes before starting the viewing stage.

We hope the above tips will help you in the process of selling your house.

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